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NOVEMber 2023

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What has been happening?

Secret seaweed to tackle key shrimp diseases, Next generation phytogenics can optimize animal performance, Reducing methane in bovine burps, and more. See what feed journals and feed industry experts have been discussing in the last four weeks.

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The secret seaweed extract that aims to tackle key diseases in shrimp

Blue Pond Group has developed a range of seaweed-based feed supplements that reduce the prevalence of EHP, WFS and EMS in shrimp farming, according to Mauricio Castillo, its CEO and founder.
Cargill: Next generation phytogenics can optimize animal performance

The acquisition of phytogenic producer, Delacon, by Cargill in June 2022 has enlarged the scope and pace of innovation within the US company’s feed additive business, enabling synergistic new product development, says an executive.
The seaweed startup that’s reducing methane in bovine burps

Symbrosia is a Hawaii-based startup that’s producing seaweed-based feed additives derived from Asparagopsis seaweed to reduce methane emissions from livestock eructation.
Folium Science looks to rebalance the microbiome, reduce ammonia production in poultry

Folium Science’s technology is reported to reduce ammonia production and improve the health of the bird by restoring balance in the gut of the chicken.
Feed prices improve, though uncertainties remain for global pork industry

Lower feed costs, better animal health, and improved productivity bolster global pork industry optimism despite challenging returns and uncertain consumption trends, finds a new report.
Grazing, genetics and feed: How is Ireland tackling the methane emissions challenge in dairy cows?

Ireland has committed to a 25% cut in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture by 2030, relative to 2018 levels. Developing ways to reduce methane emissions will be crucial to meet that target.
McDonald's and FrieslandCampina team up to slash GHG emissions in dairy sector

McDonald’s and FrieslandCampina announce a new collaborative effort aimed at an accelerated reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on dairy farms.
Expert opinion: More research is needed on longer term effects of methane inhibitors

There is no one silver bullet in terms of dietary interventions to reduce methane emissions. To reach 2050 climate goals, a combination of multiple strategies will be required, says Dutch animal nutrition expert, Jan Dijkstra.
Poultry market to grow at slower-than-average pace

While the poultry industry has undergone several months of slow growth, according to a recent Rabobank report, improved demand and lower costs are expected to come in the fourth quarter of 2023 and in early 2024 — however gradual it may be. Rabobank’s global poultry outlook indicates an improvement of 1.2%.
Prima Larvae Bali teams up with CAT over shrimp breeding programme

The Center for Aquaculture Technologies (CAT) has announced plans to work with Prima Larvae Bali (PLB), a leading hatchery in eastern Indonesia, to elevate their vannamei shrimp breeding programme.
Cargill backing circular based pig farming systems in China, and FCR improvements, emissions reduction in Korea

The swine industry is facing several challenges globally, such as climate pressure and price volatility of raw materials. There are also issues specific to certain regions, related to legislative pressure and market constraints.
Veolia's insect meal and oil gain EU aquafeed approval

Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia has received approval from Malaysia’s Ministry of Agriculture to export Entomeal insect meal and Entolipid insect oil into the European markets for use in aquaculture, livestock and pet feeds.
Full Circle and HydroNeo join forces to boost shrimp farm profitability

Full Circle Biotechnology, a Thailand based insect feed company, is partnering with local aquaculture technology startup, HydroNeo, to expand its customer base.
Putting Indonesia’s aquaculture sector on the map

Ita Sualia has a diverse and impactful career in Indonesian aquaculture. She is currently the chief operating officer at the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), overseeing projects that support small and medium-sized aquaculture businesses – from hatcheries to export markets. Her mission is to enhance Indonesia’s aquaculture sector, covering aspects like product traceability, shrimp certification and seaweed industry growth, to boost its global competitiveness.
Made-in-Vietnam African swine fever vaccines exported to five countries
Vietnam Plus

Vietnam has successfully produced and officially exported African swine fever vaccine of AVAC Vietnam Joint Stock Company to five countries, including Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Myanmar.
NDA, Malaysia’s Farm Fresh tie-up to breed dairy cattle

The National Dairy Authority (NDA) said it entered into a partnership with Malaysia’s Farm Fresh Bhd. to set up a dairy cattle breeding farm. In a statement, the NDA said that Farm Fresh is looking for a 200-400 hectare site for the farm. “Farm Fresh is actively collaborating with the Philippine government to materialize a significant $20-million investment, primarily focused on cattle breeding for milk production,” NDA said.
Govt to lift price controls on chicken and eggs to allow market to move freely
The Malay Mail Online

The government’s proposal to lift the temporary price controls on chicken and eggs is to allow the market to move freely in ensuring there is uninterrupted supply of these two commodities in the market. Deputy Agriculture and Food Security Minister Chan Foong Hin said as supply has stabilised and the retail prices now are below the set ceiling prices, price control is no longer relevant.
Chicken genetics company Aviagen considering setting up PHL operations

US poultry genetics company Aviagen said it is seeking to expand its footprint in the Philippines, adding that it is considering setting up operations here. “We have established customers here that distribute our products, but sometimes the availability and the supply is not sufficient,” Aviagen Asia-Pacific Business Manager Rafael Monleon said at a briefing organized by the US Embassy late Monday.
PHL 2024 broiler chicken production forecast at 1.53 million metric tons


The Philippines is expected to postbroiler chicken production of 1.53 million metric tons (MT) in 2024, boosted by the industry’s continued expansion, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said. The forecast, issued by the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), suggests a production growth rate of 3.4%. “FAS forecasts increased chicken production in 2024 because integrators are expanding production,” it said.

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