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In-feed antibiotic alternative for swine production, Fermented bamboo for swine immunity and gut health, Microbiome for improved poultry gut health, and more. See what feed journals and feed industry experts have been discussing in the last four weeks.

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Chinese team identifies in-feed antibiotic alternative for swine production

A study from China shows that feed supplementation with a porcine intestinal antimicrobial peptide might be an effective antibiotic alternative for weaned piglets.
Fermented bamboo fiber can boost immunity and gut health in sows and piglets

A study from China identifies the potential role fermented bamboo fiber (FBF) can play in terms of improved sow and piglet performance. The researchers saw it alleviates intestinal and systemic inflammation.
Steering the microbiome for improved poultry gut health

Adjusting the feed formula for optimal digestion of protein may help prevent dysbiosis and support intestinal health in birds, finds a paper in the June 2023 edition of Animal Nutrition.
Heat stress could threaten health of one billion cows
Daily Tribune

By the end of the century, more than one billion cows worldwide could suffer from heat stress if global warming continues unabated, threatening their fertility, milk production, and lives, according to research published on Thursday. Nearly eight out of 10 cows across the planet are already experiencing excessively high body temperatures, spiked respiration rates, bowed heads, and open-mouthed panting — all symptoms associated with severe heat stress, the study said.
Iodoform is a potent mitigator of CH4 emissions but it impacts dairy cow milk yield and feed intake

A Danish team of animal scientists looked to quantify the anti-methanogenic potential of iodoform when pulse-dosed intra-ruminally to dairy cows in a dose’response study.
New feed tech designed to support dairy net zero goals, higher milk yields

A novel bio-catalyst feed technology shows breakthrough results to help dairy farmers and their industry meet new net zero targets while increasing milk yields.
Irish dairy sector opposes dairy exit scheme and voluntary cow culling

Farmers, processors and industry bodies have been consulted on proposals that could see Ireland’s dairy herd reduced by as many as 65,000 cows per year to help the EU country meet its ag emissions obligations.
Cows that emit less methane have energy-efficient rumens, study finds

Key differences in the microbiome composition of dairy cows offer an insight into why some animals produce less methane than others, paving the way for advancements in animal breeding.
ProAgni and Austrianova align on shelf-stable probiotics for cattle feed

The workings of Kangaroo gut bacteria was the inspiration for the establishment of the Australian startup, ProAgni, which is advancing probiotics to provide multiple benefits for cattle farming.
Study: In-feed phage cocktail reduced salmonella colonization in challenged birds

UK university scientists say they have successfully developed a bacteriophage product to prevent Salmonella in broiler chickens.
Review: Quantifying and mitigating methane emissions from pastoral dairy systems is challenging


A variety of dietary- and husbandry-management strategies are being evaluated to mitigate enteric methane (CH4) emissions in dairy cattle, but these strategies may not be applicable to pastoral dairy systems, finds a US review.

A 26% plunge in pork prices due to oversupply has pushed the Chinese economy into deflation

Business Insider

China’s economic woes continue to mount, as CPI figures released Wednesday showing 0.3% deflation. Pork prices are a significant driver of the consumer price index, and have fallen 26% year-on-year. Deflation could have wider economic consequences, such as lowering Chinese consumer demand.

CP Foods unveils first carbon-neutral egg

Bangkok Post

Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc (CP Foods) has introduced Asia’s first carbon-neutral cage-free egg.

PHL dairy farms hold potential to meet local demand


Philippine dairy farms can meet local needs by investing more in production and product development, leading to reduced reliance on dairy imports, according to an industry player. “The potential is huge, whether it’s in the yogurt, fresh milk, or ice cream categories. These are multibillion-peso industries,” said Francisco “Paco” Magsaysay, founder of ice cream business Carmen’s Best.

Higher costs holding back chicken production


Chicken production growth was at the lower end of the expected range in the second quarter as poultry farmers grapple with higher production costs, an industry official said. “The usual growth for the poultry sector is 3% to 7% a year. The 3.3% posted for the second quarter is at the low end of the range. It’s not a big deal in term of achievement but a cause for concern,” United Broiler Raisers Association President Elias Jose M. Inciong said.

Meat industry bats for region-based ASF bans


Meat importers have requested the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) to confine its import bans to meat sourced from regions affected by African Swine Fever (ASF), instead of imposing blanket bans on entire countries. In an Aug. 12 letter, the Meat Importers and Traders Association (MITA) said the Philippines should compartmentalize its bans in accordance with guidelines set by the World Organization for Animal Health.

China is growing as a dairy producer, but demand is racing ahead


This year, China is poised to become the world’s third-largest producer of cow milk. Despite its high global ranking in milk production, the country remains the largest dairy importer due to its large population, which continues to grow its per capita dairy consumption, finds Rabobank.

Vietnam grants commercial licenses for the first two domestic vaccines against ASF


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Vietnam has officially approved the domestic commercial use of two locally manufactured vaccines against African swine fever (ASF).

Vietnam to export two million swine fever vaccine doses to Philippines by October

The Malay Mail

Vietnam will export two million vaccine doses against African swine fever to the Philippines by October, the government said today, one week after it approved domestic use of the world’s first commercial vaccines against the disease. African swine fever has for years disrupted the US$250 billion (RM1.1 trillion) global pork market.

Orion enters Vietnam's dairy market in collaboration with Dutch Mill

The Korea Times

Orion has joined hands with Thailand’s No.1 milk beverage company Dutch Mill to enter Vietnam’s dairy market, the company said Tuesday. According to the company, its Vietnam branch signed a business agreement last December with Dutch Mill to be the exclusive seller of its products in Vietnam’s market.

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